So you are running a pirated copy of Windows and want to install Internet Explorer 7.0. But the rotten Windows Genuine Advantage business wont let you. Need a solution? Here’s one.


Through Paul Stamatiou’s blog, I’ve discovered a totally awesome new RSS Aggregator with a “Web 2.0” look and feel.

Its called Newshutch and it kicks ass with its AJAXy goodness. It has a beautiful clean interface, its lightning fast, and the pleasure to be derived from seeing the feeds fade into view is almost orgasmic.






[Click screenshots for larger images]

The service is in beta and new features are being added, but it will definitely be my primary news reader in some time. The only functionality missing right now is the ability to reorder feeds but I’m sure that it should be coming soon. Compared to Newshutch, Bloglines looks hopelessly Web 1.0

Well, the screenshots say it all, don’t they?

And Now: Beggr

We can now confirm that Windows Vista is on the right track. If Paul Thurott is to be believed (and he bloody well is), the latest build (5270 – Dec CTP) is outstanding: It gets a 5 on 5

We’ve just got the first part of the comprehensive review yet; And, of course, look forward to the second.

But the screenshots are just beautiful: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Oh, what would the world do without screenshots ?!

Technorati Mini

I fail to understand the rationale behind Technorati Mini, as it stands now.

The purpose is to ostensibly have a window always open, to tell you who’s linking to you. Whats’ more, the window auto-refreshes every 60 seconds!

Admittedly bloggers are egotists. They do love to know who links to them and how often. Okay, I personally check who links to, at least six to ten times a day. I’ve bookmarked, for the express purpose of doing so.

However, having a window open always and having it refresh every 60 seconds is a bit too much, I think. We are obsessed with ourselves, but not this much! The only purpose it serves is to track a search term when something major or catastrophic has happened – to see what people are saying about it: Let us say Katrina, Earthquake or 7/7

I’ve been checking out Dave Sifry’s blog quite often. His, is one blog I like to read. The stuff is interesting and I’ve kind of become a fan of his, after he actually commented on my blog once. I was whining about Technorati not working as intended, and he magically appeared and assured me that they were doing their best to tackle it. I haven’t seen that kind of personalized concern for customers – not ‘customers’, but consumers of a free service – from the CEO of any major company.

Well, so Dave has been raving about it – but I still don’t understand. It doesn’t make sense to offer Technorati mini as a service, when it is a link to be pursued after having performed a regular search. It is short and sweet, cruft free – admitted. Nice for a quick, check. But why not seperately offer it, like say on for those who just want to quick-check?

Maybe it is possible to directly access it in some way, but they should try to make it more obvious. Conduct a regular search and then click on ‘view this search in mini’ doesn’t make sense.

Yahoo! is a Web 2.0 wannabe, what with its crazy acquisition spree, when it comes to Web 2.0 companies. First, it was the Flickr acquisition which made waves. Now it’s

All that social bookmarking and tagging is so cool!

Tony explains how Microsoft is employing FUD to combat ODF, a collection of open document formats which could threaten its stranglehold on Office Software

For those who didn’t notice, has become live and ‘free for all’ as of today.

Go get your account now! (No Flock needed, No Invite needed)

The world’s best browser turned one yesterday. If you still haven’t got it, then you should better get here.

For those who aren’t yet in the know, Flock is a web browser based on the latest release of Firefox (rv 1.5b2, Gecko 1.7b5), which adds a lot of additional goodies like an extremely pretty GUI, a lovely inbuilt (AJAX, methinks) blogging client which is very effective (You can use the user-friendly client to post to almost any blogging service, obviously including WordPress, Blogger or MT), and extremely cool integration with I’m sure those who try it will like it. (On a side note, let me add that IMO the best all purpose stand-alone blogging client is w.bloggar which is, in fact being used to write this very post)
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